Concordia Lighthouse 2015

Chasm lighthouse explores the edge between solidity and transparency, darkness and light, while memorializing the Concordia shipwreck. this lighthouse is a contemporary reimagining of an ancient nautical form. It reveals the porous borders between land and sea and earth and sky.  It also serves as a sculptural monument to pay tribute to the 32 lives tragically lost at this location in Italy. the seeming “tear” in the lighthouse shaft symbolizes the tragedy while showing the inner guts of the structure, a steel pipe, stairwell and observation platforms, that in turn hold up the beacon. Informed by the rugged landscape, the design ressembles the fissures found naturally in the rocky islands.

The lighthouse skin juztaposes solid concrete panels with open air sections–reflecting again the site’s natural contrasts of cliff and water.

The visitor of chasm lighhouse weaves in and out of darkness on their upward trek skyward, due to the two widening “cracks” in the concrete walls.