Architectural vignettes/sketches



Sprucing up a 1960s exterior with a Hockney-like swimming-pool blue at the planters and signage in Hollywood


Local field stone and climbing roses steps from the Long Island Sound, Connecticut 2007

Glass acrylic ceiling to give illusion of expansion to a home office in New York City, with sustainable sound-reducing cork

reflecting on the symbolic import of a lighthouse. concept sketch–fragility and solidity of human beings and the porosity of borders

Celebrating vernacular that melds gracefully into the Santa Barbara landscape (2013)

Courtyard with lime tree in Montecito, CA

A tenant lounge in Los Angeles–art and decor by architect


Recycled teak and frosted glass keeps a confined space open while providing privacy, 2008

Soothing bedroom colors and matching-hued Indian needlepoint textiles frame the Soldier Sailor Monument on the Upper West Side, 2013


Total design in Los Angeles with art and decor by architect, 2017

A forest of pillars at water’s edge, to commemorate loved ones


“sound and vision”