Current Work and Awards

The Tides Brentwood selected for a feature by, a Russian architecture site.  Mumbai based website has published the Tides brentwood, December, 2017

October, 2017

Valerie Schweitzer AIA  wins the American Architecture Prize in small architecture category, for her 350 sq ft art studio, designed in 2008. Butterfly Studio.  (See Westport Studio)

Publications in 2017-2018: e-architect; designboom (selected by founder and editor-in-chief Burgit Lohmann); inhabitat;; world architecture news (WAN); 88designbox;; Le Figaro  and over 8 other countries, including South Korea and the Czech Republic.


Prize Winner in Architectural Design / Small Architecture
Firm Location New York, United States
Company Valerie Schweitzer
Lead DesignerValerie Schweitzer AIA
Design Team Valerie Schweitzer, All Phase construction (Bridgeport Ct)
Published in over 10 countries worldwide including:
designboom by editor-in chief, Burgit Lohmann;
e-architect (united kingdom); inhabitat; (usa); (portugal); 88designbox (spain); dexinger


Living Wall, West Los Angeles

Plants and people occupy luminous cavities built into a stucco-clad wall. Made of pressure-treated wood studs, plywood and stucco. Drip irrigation for drought-tolerant plants saves water.

This shade-giving wall borders the rear courtyard of the completed Tides Brentwood apartment building in LA. The tableau challenges our notion of where painting and sculpture end, and architecture begins.



Interiors of the tenant lounge at The Tides, 1157 South Bundy Drive< LA, CA

Art and interior furnishings also by architect

3861 Vinton Avenue, Culver City adjacent, Los Angeles

Across from the Sony Studios in Los Angeles, a neighborhood undergoing revitalization, a renovation of the facade on developer’s budget:



3–Bubble Shade

Given a citation for the competition sponsored by Architizer, at

VSA is currently in dialog with the NYC Parks  specifications department to install this low-maintenance, module, shading device in one of the city’s sprawling parks in need of summer shade. Shop drawings may be found under “bubble shade” category.

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January 2018–initial site studies and concepts for a church-owned property adjacent the Presbyterian St. John’s Cathedral, blocks from USC campus in L.A. This 5 story structure fronts the freeway, so the concept is to insert niches of landscaped courts, to let light in, and oxygenate the spaces, while eliminating the need for windows on the first 3 stories of commercial, recreational and residential space.  Parking at base has large apertures to see the church beyond, from Flower Street.