Hide And Seek House–West Los Angeles Multifamily Housing

This 15 unit multi-residential project has been submitted to the LADBS for city approvals (Novemeber 26, 2017). It will be concrete podium, wood superstructure, with board concrete facade members, and pre-weathered steel fins that shade and partially conceal.   The architecture intentionally elevates the industrial steel, through refined forms and juxtapositions, to draw out its specific beauty.  The steel is married with an abundance of mostly low-water plants that cascade down the concrete and in the beds below.  At the roof garden, the rust-colored steel  reappears as a frozen wave, alongside a recycled reflecting pool. Nature is drawn into the architecture and becomes part of the construct. Even the hue of the shading devices, located in front of the double glazing, introduces the earthy tones of a forest.

One observer playfully suggested that the Euclidian geometry of the glass and concrete is interrupted by Dinosaurial spines.

There is a also a stage-set (Hollywood) dimension to the facade. It as if the inhabitant is part of a sylvan scene of hide and seek . Astroturf lines the pony walls , adding another juxtaposition, this time of the artificial against the real, that reflects city life in Los Angeles.

The lobby will feature cut engineered wood at the ceiling that is meant to mimic roots or a canopy of branches.