Daycares, Offices, Schools

maximizing space when re-purposing and gut-renovating a tired 60s building with minimal light and a forest of columns, into a bright daycare on York Avenue, New York City. Run by the Ramaz School, it was open to the neighboring children; it has since exchanged hands to another daycare owner.


Entry to the Ramaz daycare with children peeking
Entry to the Ramaz daycare in Manhattan with children peeking


new office in West Los Angeles, under construction, with sliding doors onto rear courtyard; exposed concrete walls with sound abosrbers, floor, and ceiling for loftier semi-industrial space.

tenant lounge with management office in new apartment  building in Los Angeles, CA  (Art by architect, furnishings selected by architect)

leasing office/sample unit in LA

a tight gallery space on Madison Avenue is transformed into a business office and center for the Ramaz School. Here careful attention was given to providing some private office space in addition to the public bays.

home offices:

recycled teak wood and frosted glass panel; polished concrete foundation slab for floorInline image 6

sustainable finishes of cork and bamboo, and mirrored ceiling for expanded height


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