Valerie Schweitzer’s work has been published in over 18 countries worldwide. Current books, online and magazine press from around the world:


AAP 2017, by the American Architecture Prize

Multi-residential Buildings, by LOFT publications/Booq Publishing, 2019

































Archdaily 2018 (Chile);  World-architecture-news 2018 (United Kingdom) ;  e-architects 2017 (United Kingdom); 2017 (Russia) ; Designboom, 2018 (Italy), Le Figaro (France); world-architects (USA) 2018, Inhabitat, 2018; 88designbox 2018 (Spain); roof (Portugal); 90grados (Puerto Rico) , 2018; dexinger (USA); Sofadeco (Canada) 2018; Aeccafe (USA); 2018; 2018 (Czech Republic); 2018 (Australia);Archello (Netherlands); (South Korea) ; 2017 (India)



Architectural Digest 2008–Open Audition Finalist/ Winner;  publication of Studio in print and also at:

Frozen Waterfall in The Jewish PressJan 4, 2008: “Chief Rabbi Encourages Connecticut Mikvah project”






UCLA School Of Architecture, June 1997
Photograph of winning thesis project, an office park (see Academic)

UCLA RUMBLE Alumni Exhibition, June 2010

Samples of online press: Bubble Shade, by Valerie Schweitzer AIA with Hacken Lee , May 2017


November-2017  Article on the Tides Brentwood, and also a write-up on our firm.

The intriguing Butterfly Studio, winning an award in Architectural Design (Small Architecture) and designed by Valerie Schweitzer Architects is a fascinating combination of primitive and futuristic, with shard-like angles, and materials including stucco, steel, and recycled teak. For more details of this inspiring project, please read more here:…

Inspired in part by the closing of a butterfly’s wings and other organic forms, this 300 sq ft art studio and private office for a family home in W…