2018  Muddy Peonies, 48 by 72, OilIn both art and architecture, Schweitzer explores the framing of space itself.  Her large-scale paintings hover between reality and a dream space. Assistant curator of the Whitney Museum,  Marcela Guerrero,  recently selected one of her large scale works, Toucan’s World, for a Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition exhibit in Redhook, NYC,  summer 2018. In 2017,  assistant curator of the Whitney Museum, Laura Phipps, selected another work for a BWAC juried show, 

Schweitzer provides art to her clients all over the US and as far as Japan. She constructs atmospheres where murals and paintings are integrated with the architecture. This recalls the spirit of total design that dates as far back as Giotto and earlier.  She studied art formally at Princeton University as an undergraduate, and later at The New York Academy of Art in 1991 and 1999. She began studying painting as a teenager at Trinity School in NYC.

Schweitzer’s work is inspired by the Kabbalistic Jewish concept that every visual detail of the world has a divine source.

2019  Sea Change   48 by 60, Oil

2017  Wish    40 by 60 Oil2017 Opalescent  48 by 70 Oil

 2018 Floating petals

Low Tide,  20 by 20

Lech Lecha48 by 48 Oil  (Urwitz Collection in Los Angeles)









Sampling of earlier work by the architect–prices upon request.

2016 Enamored 52 by 52, Oil  (Collection at 25 Central Park West) sold.

(For more art by the architect see

2017 Circuitry sold.

Jungle series–all oil on canvas

Jungle 1


Jungle 2    Not available.

Jungle 3

2009 Snow, 48 by 48, Oil

2014 Broadway Still Boogies, 48 by 72, Oil

Artist with her daughter, Sarah, 2016

2007 Sisters, 36 by 36, Oil


2011 White Table Cloth, Oil, aka After Bonnard, (Now in the Yamada Collection, Tokyo, Japan)

1989 Blue Bottle (painted at 185 Nassau, Princeton University)

Up In The Air, Oil, 48 by 48  sold

Montecito, CA. house designed by Valerie Schweitzer AIA

Blue  sold